Look up, Like and Share your favourite status messages with ‘likethisstatusand’

I came across this website today that is totally on status updates. Here, there are a number of ‘Like this status update and…’ status messages. You can copy them, reply to them or just share it with your friends. You can also submit your status update and see how many people copy or like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Share interesting status updates on Facebook: Status Shuffle

When it comes to Facebook people think of status updates. Its like how cool or intelligent your Facebook status was, who all commented on it. Actually, most of the conversations get started over an update. The problem here is you are not always bubbling with ideas and everything so for that reason I am talking about this application.

Analyze Your Facebook Status Updates With Status Statistics

We all love Social networking sites, thatโ€™s a given. Facebook even more since it gives us so much than other social networking. One of the most popularly used activity that users do on the site is Status Updates. Be it updating rants, funny one-liners, quotations or even sharing links we all update our Status on […]

Man escapes from prison and updates his Facebook page

This one is sort of interesting and also a little funny. There is a man who has escaped from prison and has started updating his Facebook profile. His name is Craig Lynch and over a month now he has been taunting the police putting up details on his Facebook account about various activities he carries […]

How to update your Facebook pages automatically from your website/blog

If you are a blogger or a website author, and having a Facebook page on the same site as well, then it might not be possible for you to update your Facebook page everytime whenever you write a new post/article on your blog. And there’s no need either when you can do it automatically. Just […]

Why always use a URL shortener before posting a link on Facebook

It is always recommended to use a shortened URL before posting any link to Facebook either on your homepage or in any page. It is because of the ultimate anti spamming system of Facebook which is operated manually. Suppose if you post a link to Facebook page and few people report it as a spam […]