Analyze Your Facebook Status Updates With Status Statistics

We all love Social networking sites, that’s a given. Facebook even more since it gives us so much than other social networking. One of the most popularly used activity that users do on the site is Status Updates. Be it updating rants, funny one-liners, quotations or even sharing links we all update our Status on Facebook frequently.

Ever wondered if you could analyze those status updates. Well, now you can with Status Statistics

Link for the application  : Status Statistics

Launching the application is very simple,

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click the application link provided above. Alternatively, you can also search for the application from the search box on your facebook homepage with the keyword “Status Statistics”
  • As soon you launch the application, it automatically starts scanning your status updates for a given time period (last 60 days)

A few seconds of wait and voila, you get a lot of information with reference to your status updates in the given period.

Here is how the application looks after it has scanned your status updates,


As is clear from the image, the application provides a lot of information based on your status updates out of which some interesting ones are,

  • Most Popular Status: This shows your most popular status in the last 60 days (Grayed out in the image). The reasoning is based on the maximum number of comments you received on a particular status. I would have personally appreciated the inclusion of the “number of Likes” in selecting the most popular status but that’s how it is in this one
  • Your Statistics: This is more like a bulk analytical data which gives you the total status updates in that particular period, number of status updates from cell phone, the word count and average words used per status update etc. It also gives you the average number of status updates per day which could help you gauge if you are too active on Facebook with respect to status updates
  • Your Favorite Words: This gives you a laundry list of the most used words in your status updates. As is visible from the image, “http” and “bit” are used often due to link sharing using

The application has various other features including “When do you write you statuses” which is nothing but the number of status updates made in specific hours,


Further more, you can also search for status messages based on the month and year which could pull out some old updates for nostalgic reasons. You can even search for specific keywords in your status updates if you like.

It does not end there. You can even analyze your friend’s status messages by typing in the friends name after clicking on the “Friend Stats” at the top of the application.

The application may not have any productive value to it but it can be fun to analyze your status once in a while. Give Status Statistics a shot and let us know if you like it through your comments.


Pulkit Kausihik June 18, 2010

You can even get a list of all your Status updates like I have done here

ankitagarwal June 22, 2010

Pulkit, thats a nice way to say backup your Facebook updates. However, Status statistics will mine the data and give you insights as mentioned in the post

CA June 22, 2010

Its something real good but I somehow wonder why does facebook leave things half done… it wld be even better if we could analyse the impact of Facebook Fan Page Status Updates

Pulkit Kausihik June 22, 2010

You can. Go to your page and click Insights.

Ankit June 22, 2010

@CA i presume Facebook Fan Pages have inbuilt analytics. I have not used the fan pages extensively but i guess some reporting is available in terms of number of interactions, no of fans etc. May be status update impact per se is not available.

James July 15, 2010

Doesn’t work for me. Just says “loading may take up to 20 seconds”, loads a new page, and it’s blank.

ankitagarwal August 24, 2010

James, are you sure!! I never faced such a problem. Could be a problem with the internet connection or something

Himadri Dimri September 15, 2010

Really nice post. People like me who are almost addicted to their facebook status updates will love it 🙂

jim November 3, 2010

doesn’t work for me either… same issue as James above. I’m using Chrome if that helps any.

Himadri Dimri December 7, 2010

@jim It is working fine for chrome just check on your internet connection 🙂