How to update your Facebook pages automatically from your website/blog

If you are a blogger or a website author, and having a Facebook page on the same site as well, then it might not be possible for you to update your Facebook page everytime whenever you write a new post/article on your blog. And there’s no need either when you can do it automatically. Just follow the steps given below:

  • First go to your Facebook page that you want to set for automatic updates.
  • Now click on ‘Edit Page’ link given below the page pic.

facebook-logo - Copy

  • Now find the ‘Notes’ and click edit link below notes.

facebook-logo - Copy - Copy

  • On the right hand side of page, there will be an option of ‘import blog’ click on it.

facebook-logo - Copy - Copy (2)

  • Enter the RSS feed URL of your blog. If you dn’t have one, get it one with feedburner.
  • Check the box and select ‘Start Importing’.

facebook-logo - Copy - Copy (3)

  • On the next page just click on ‘Confirm Import’ and you are all done.

facebook-logo - Copy - Copy (3) - Copy

Enjoy updating Facebook without even visiting it 😉