Amazon’s Kindle Fire vs Apple’s iPad 2; which one you should go for just launched its latest tablet Amazon’s Kindle Fire in market which could give a good competition to the top selling tablet PC i.e. Apple’s iPad 2. Kindle Fire is much cheaper than Apple’s iPad but with lots of limitations in hardware as well as in its software type. Let’s have a look at both […]

Facebook’s latest bug, showing same friend multiple times in friend’s suggestion

I must say that last few weeks were not good for and it’s designer team. First the new news feed which was not liked by most of it’s users and then the virus which attacked Facebook last month. And now we have some bugs on the world’s best social networking site one of which […]

Promote your products through Orkut – Free Advertising on orkut for it’s members

Facebook have been well known for sharing web pages. Due to this reason, it has been a favorite place of bloggers. I felt pity for Orkut, which don’t have such options. But now orkut, under Google has entered this field with more and more facilities. Today when i was browsing through my friends profiles, i […]

Beware! Orkut Hackers Sending Fake eMails!

Beware all Orkut users! Now hackers are sending friend request emails that look similar to any genuine Orkut email. Below are screen shots of emails sent by hackers: At first, you might find similarities in both the emails, but on a closer observation, I found that all the links in that mail that came to […]

Google Gears for Offline Orkut Communities?

Recently, one of our reader Jo has emailed us asking, Is there anyway to save orkut topics or download topics/forums to view offline later when there is no internet connection? As a temporary and ugly workaround, I suggested him, You can subscribe to RSS feed of individual topics and/or communities using our service Orkutfeeds. Then […]