Amazon’s Kindle Fire vs Apple’s iPad 2; which one you should go for just launched its latest tablet Amazon’s Kindle Fire in market which could give a good competition to the top selling tablet PC i.e. Apple’s iPad 2. Kindle Fire is much cheaper than Apple’s iPad but with lots of limitations in hardware as well as in its software type. Let’s have a look at both of them and find out which one’s good for you.

kindle fire vs ipad

  1. Dimensions: The weight of Kindle Fire is 413 grams whereas iPad 2 weighs 601 grams.
  2. Screen: Fire’s screen is 7″ with multi-touch, 1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi, 16 million colors. iPad has a 9.7″ display with multi-touch, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 132 ppi. Fire’s screen is anti-reflective and iPad’s screen is Fingerprint-resistant.
  3. Memory: 8GB in Fire and 16GB-64GB in iPad.
  4. Battery performance: 8 hours for Kindle fire and 10 hours for iPad under normal and continuous usage.
  5. Processor: Kindle Fire has a Dual Core processor and iPad has a 1GHz Dual Core processor.
  6. Camera: No camera with Kindle Fire whereas two (front and back) cameras with iPad 2.
  7. Wi-Fi and 3G: Fire comes up with Wi-Fi only model. You have an option of either Wi-fi or Wi-fi+3G models for iPad.
  8. Applications: Fire: Amazon Appstore, iPad: Apple app store.
  9. USB Port: Fire: USB 2.0, iPad: No USB port, however you can buy an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.
  10. Price: You can buy a Kindle Fire for $199. But you have to pay $499 for basic 16GB Wi-Fi iPad.


Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a great device and it’s good if you don’t want to pay much for a tablet PC. It’s a value for money device where you can get many features of iPad for just $199. But if you can afford an expensive tablet you should definitely go for Apple iPad 2. Great user interface, thousands of cool apps, better memory, faster processor and comes up with lots of other great feature.


Facebook’s latest bug, showing same friend multiple times in friend’s suggestion

I must say that last few weeks were not good for and it’s designer team. First the new news feed which was not liked by most of it’s users and then the virus which attacked Facebook last month. And now we have some bugs on the world’s best social networking site one of which is in the friend’s suggestions or find friends section.

Yes the friend’s suggestion column which show the people you can add as friends and become a fan of public profiles you like. It’s working fine but the bug here is that it’s showing same friend multiple time on the same page 😛

Just check out the screenshot below and see what I mean.

Facebook bug-1

Obviously it’s not a bug that harms someone, it’s just so annoying to hide the same suggestion again and again. To go to your friend’s suggestion page click here and see whether it’s there in your profile or not.


Promote your products through Orkut – Free Advertising on orkut for it’s members

Facebook have been well known for sharing web pages. Due to this reason, it has been a favorite place of bloggers. I felt pity for Orkut, which don’t have such options. But now orkut, under Google has entered this field with more and more facilities.

Today when i was browsing through my friends profiles, i stunned to see the pic of one of my friend and his blog on the ad-section of my page. I thought that he had started to use adwords. But it was then i realized  the cool ‘promote it’ button in it. It was an ‘Promotion’ created by him.

This service named promotion is just another form of self advertising. You can create your own ad, that will be shown in the left sidebar of your friends orkut page.

What is Orkut Promote ?

  • You can share information like text, pictures or youtube Videos with your friends
  • If they like it, they can re share it by clicking the ‘promote it’ button [just like digg and reddit]
  • You can track the promotions you got, how many users have seen it, and how many have deleted it from the my promotions tab.

It’s Great, How can i create one for me ?

It’s pretty simple. You may see a link for it in your sidebar. If you don’t, then just add a ‘#Promote’ with the URL of your orkut page. It must look like

  • Add a title and a comment for your Ad
  • Select which type of promotion you need – Text, Image or Video
  • Type in the text you want to show, or select the Image or youtube Video from your profile
  • Click on ‘create promotion’
  • It’s done.Now track it’s status under ‘my promotions’ Tab.

Check out screenshot of promotions which i created :


So create your own ads and promote your / business / product through orkut tooo!!!! 😀


[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Rajeelkp, alias Reji. He is a teen blogger who blogs at labofweb. He loves web, blogging and social sites.

If you, too would like to write for orkut diary, please check this. Details about our revenue sharing programs are  here.]


10 Super Orkut Tools to make your Orkut experience better

Today, I am going to share 10 orkut super tools to make your orkut experience even better.

So, let’s see the tools.

1. Orkut Cute

Orkut Cute is a feature-laden desktop application for managing your Orkut page. It comes with a scrap editor that has a rich-text formatting bar with an HTML page preview. There is an instant messenger that you can use to chat with your GTalk and MSN Messenger friends. You can use its ‘Get Scraps’ feature to download your scraps from Orkut to your desktop.


2. Scrapboy

You can send and receive Orkut scraps from the Scrapboy desktop application without using a web browser.

3. Keybord Shortcuts For Orkut

The name says it all; this script adds several handy keyboard shortcuts for Orkut.


4. Mass Moderation Script

Adds mass ban, mass delete and mass remove options for community moderation in community topics page.

5. Smiley Toolbar

Gives more smiley options to you in the form of a handy toolbar.

6. Orkut Formatting Toolbar


A toolbar that makes text formatting in Orkut easier.

7. PowerScrap

PowerScrap is a site that you can use to access your social networking sites like Orkut, YouTube, Myspace, etc. with more features. Once you log in to Orkut from the PowerScrap site, you can change the color of your Orkut page, listen to an online radio station, browse anonymously, send messages to multiple friends, send multimedia content by scraps, send confidential scraps, and much more. The PowerScrap scrap editor also provides you rich-text formatting options.

8. Orkut Scraps to RSS ReaderOrkutalertOrkut Scrapbook Searcher

This PHP Script allow you to convert your Orkut scraps from your scrapbook and and community messages into a RSS feed. You simply need to add your Orkut user ID or community ID in the provided web address. One simple way to check on your Orkut directly from your RSS reader.

9. Orkutalert

This small tool runs in your computer background alerts you whenever you receive a new scrap and when your friends log on to Orkut.

10. Orkut Scrapbook Searcher

This addon provides a search box inside Orkut for searching through scrapbooks and communities.

Stay tuned for more such nice apps and hacks.


Beware! Orkut Hackers Sending Fake eMails!

Beware all Orkut users! Now hackers are sending friend request emails that look similar to any genuine Orkut email. Below are screen shots of emails sent by hackers:



At first, you might find similarities in both the emails, but on a closer observation, I found that all the links in that mail that came to me are redirected to the following address

Initially, I didn’t look for anything and just clicked on that link in the email and even typed my Login details in the fields. That is when I remembered that I had saved my Password and Username for Orkut in my Firefox Browser. I saw the URL and I was shocked to see it.


Now, how does this work?

Basically, hacking using fake Login pages is called as Phishing…

  • When you click on sign in, the Login form will go to another file. In this case the file name is process.php
  • Now this process.php file will contain the code in the below image.
    Now the highlighted FILENAME.TXT file’s name can be anything that can be kept as a secret.
  • The FILENAME.TXT file stores the Username and Password entered into the fields of the fake Login page

Please be careful while logging into Orkut account. Just TRIPLE CHECK the URL if you see an Orkut Login page that you have not TYPED yourself in the in the address bar 🙂

Still, I’m doing research on this site to crack out what that .txt filename is..!! 😛


Google Gears for Offline Orkut Communities?

Recently, one of our reader Jo has emailed us asking,

Is there anyway to save orkut topics or download topics/forums to view offline
later when there is no internet connection?

As a temporary and ugly workaround, I suggested him,

You can subscribe to RSS feed of individual topics and/or communities using our service Orkutfeeds.
Then using Google Reader’s offline mode or any desktop reader, you can view updates later when there is no internet connection.


But what really struck my mind was possibility of using Google Gears to access for Orkut communities offline. Something, which will look like below…

Google Gears for Orkut

Even though Orkut’s long list of bugs and broken features stole all the limelight, many Orkut communities are really useful for their members. Moreover some communities have high volume of information exchange, so it is obvious for guys like Jo to not have enough time to go through them online.

It would be really great, if you can read updates from your communities offline using Google Gears. Moreover, people can reply to topics offline and then everything get synced automatically once internet connection becomes available.

This is just a suggestion, we are passing to Orkut. Do not wonder about screenshot. It is mock up we have created! 😉

By the way, do you think is this a good idea? Will you use it?