Facebook’s latest bug, showing same friend multiple times in friend’s suggestion

I must say that last few weeks were not good for facebook.com and it’s designer team. First the new news feed which was not liked by most of it’s users and then the virus which attacked Facebook last month. And now we have some bugs on the world’s best social networking site one of which is in the friend’s suggestions or find friends section.

Yes the friend’s suggestion column which show the people you can add as friends and become a fan of public profiles you like. It’s working fine but the bug here is that it’s showing same friend multiple time on the same page 😛

Just check out the screenshot below and see what I mean.

Facebook bug-1

Obviously it’s not a bug that harms someone, it’s just so annoying to hide the same suggestion again and again. To go to your friend’s suggestion page click here and see whether it’s there in your profile or not.


vivek jain November 18, 2009

faced the same kind of problem with the sponsored ads…

sauravjit November 18, 2009

Hopefully they’ll fix it ASAP cuz it’s damn annoying….