View all comments is back for ‘facebook albums’

One of the most important features of Facebook albums was to see all comments of an album in one place so that you can reply all of them without opening every single pic of the album. But Facebook removed this feature just like many other important features that made Facebook albums quite boring and lesser […]

Respond to your friend request even when you are blocked from adding new friends

Facebook ban its users from sending friend requests when they engage in a behavior  which may be abusive for other users i.e when you send too many friend requests,after you are banned you can’t even accept friend requests sent to you by people and you find yourself stuck,if you want to respond to friend request […]

Sorority Life tips and tricks

Facebook’s Sorority Life is a very popular game.Created by playdom in 2008, the multi-player game now has more than 5 million users. Sorority Life is a game in which players(generally girls) form their sorority . Players earn points by asking other Sorority sisters to join their house (Sorority), work at a job, socializing and take […]

More tips to be a ‘Don’ in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is one of the best games (real-time Games) available on the Facebook just as Farmville and all. It’s an interesting game which shows the life in a mafia, with the terrible sounds of guns and smell of blood! The aim in this game is to be a powerful Don in the mafia family. […]