How to enlarge Google+ Display/Profile Pictures

There’s a new hack of Google plus, a not so popular social networking website but everyone who’s using Facebook is having a Google+ account too. This post will tell you how you can enlarge a profile picture or display picture or simply dp of any profile on Google+.The best part of this hack is that […]

How to save a protected image from Flickr

If you like uploading your photos to online photo sharing websites just because they are safe and no one can save protected images from it then think before you upload. These websites are not 100% safe and anyone can save pictures from it as there are thousand ways to do that. Let’s take an example […]

Find and Download Subtitles While Watching a Movie on VLC Player!

I often watch movies on my computer. It runs on Windows 7 and my favourite movie player is VLC player (Video Lan). One very useful reason to do so, is the feature of downloading subtitles from the internet and synchronizing them with the movie I am watching. I came across a nice Add-on for VLC […]

How to add pages you admin on your Facebook profile sidebar

Again we have something for Facebook page administrators. Last time we told you that ‘Why There Should be Only One Admin for Your Facebook Page’. This time we will tell you how you can add your page to your Facebook profile sidebar. This will show your page just below your ‘Featured Friends’ list with a […]

How to customize your Facebook sidebar

With latest design change in Facebook, you can customize your homepage’s sidebar with your favorite pages and groups or you can even delete default buttons given there. Customizing your sidebar according to your needs will definitely make Facebook easier to use and hence will take less time to visit your favorite pages and groups or […]

Why There Should be Only One Admin for Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages, a good way to interact with people who like your business, work or anything in common like an artist or a place. Most of the people have their pages as well on Facebook along with their profile. Some pages are with smaller number of fans but some are huge enough that people add […]

How to Backup/Export your Facebook contacts

This post tells you the easiest way to backup or export your Facebook contacts and their E-Mail using Yahoo. Exporting Facebook contacts is very useful specially in two cases. First one is when you want to make a new account on Facebook and wants your older friends back, in such case you can import all […]

How to remove publishing rights of applications

Two days back, we told you How to remove/block unwanted applications on Facebook. But if you don’t wanna remove that application or block it and it’s annoying you by publishing useless updates on your wall just because you clicked ‘Grant Permission’ while installing that application to your profile, here’s a solution for you. It’s easy […]

How to post animated status on Facebook

Unlike Google+,  Faceboook don’t allow it’s users to post animation on their profile or anywhere else on their website. But we know that impossible is nothing in this world. Let’s see how we can post an animated status on Facebook. 😉 I just found a profile posting .gif animations with it’s status updates. These animations […]