How to write in Bold/Underline in Facebook chat

Recently author Sahil Malhan posted about List of Facebook Chat Emoticons to Spice up the Chat. This is just an extension to add more spice while you are chatting on Facebook chat. Just like gtalk, you can also write in bold and underlined text in facebook chat however there’s no option for italics.

How to write in BOLD:

Suppose I want to write

“This is a sample BOLD text”


So just before and after the above text I’ll a an asterisk “*” (multiply/star button on your keyboard, use without quotes) i.e

This is a sample BOLD text will be shown as This is a sample BOLD text on facebook. Just give it a try right now 😉

How to write in UNDERLINE:

Now suppose I want to write


“This is a sample UNDERLINE text”

So for this, add an underscore ” _” (without quotes) before and after the above text. i.e

This is a sample UNDERLINE text will be shown as This is a sample UNDERLINE text on facebook.

Please Note that:

The code we are using for underline was earlier used for italics, so don’t confuse between both of them. Unfortunately there’s no working code for italics right now, check out this space for updates. Also unlike gtalk, you cannot use both of them simultaneously, you can either underline or bold text.

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