[Windows Tip] Get Notified When Any Program Registers Itself to Run at System Startup

The one issue with installing a new software is that very often it automatically registers itself to Run during system start-up. I personally do not like this as at times it can really slow down my computer. ¬†Many of these applications, register themselves without notifying the users. There is a discreet application which does exactly […]

Solution for “This installation can only be uninstalled on 64-bit windows”

If you’re using a 32-bit Windows then sometimes you might get a Windows error while deleting or uninstalling a software which prohibits the uninstallation. That error is: “This installation can only be uninstalled on 64-bit windows” You get this error when you remove a file directly or even using “Add or Remove a Program” in […]

How To Stop Those Useless Notifications from Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a good way to interact with a number of people at the same time. You can share a post, photos, videos, events, documents¬†simultaneously or you can even ask a questions. But a negative point of these groups is that admins or your friends can add you in¬† a group without your permission […]

How to find who unfriend you on Facebook [without app]

Last week we told you that how you can Backup or Export all your Facebook contacts with their E-Mail using a Yahoo! account. If you missed it you can read it here. Exporting contacts is a part of this tutorial so you have to read it before proceeding further. The good thing about this method […]

Tips to Be Powerful In Mafia War

Mafia War is another game developed by Zynga and is second to only Farmville. Its a game about being a Don in the Mafia world and win all fight we attend. To be a powerful in Mafia war, we first need to recruit others but how? The first step in Mafia War is to recruit […]