How to hide/unhide updates from a Facebook app

Are you tired of getting useless updates from different apps? Then the best way to stop them is to block or remove that application. But in some cases user doesn’t want to remove an application but definitely wants to stop updates of friends from the same application. For example if somebody wants to show daily horoscope on his profile but doesn’t want to read others horoscope. In such a case you can hide updates from an application rather than removing or blocking it.

Hide updates from an app:

To hide updates from an application in your news feed, go to any update from that application and click on the cross mark given with that app on right side.








After that click on ‘Hide all by (app name)’. For example here I’m hiding all the updates in my news feed from ‘ZooZoo Characters’ application.

Unhide updates from an app:

If you want to switch back and receive all updates from an application again then you have to click on ‘Edit Options’ link on your Homepage. You can find this ‘Edit Options’ link on the bottom of your ‘News Feed’ or Homepage.
















After that you will see a list of friends and applications that you have blocked on your homepage so that you can’t see updates from them. Now find the application name and click on the cross mark to start receiving updates again. Click Save and you’re all done.

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