[Trick] Turn Google Translate to Google Beatbox

I absolutely love imitating those recorded voices with their emotionless tones. “This service is currently unavailable”. ­čśŤ This post will give you the trick to make Google Translate’s recorded message to a crazy beat box rap. By simply typing in a few cheats you will be able to hear extremely catchy beats on Google Translate.

Use Social Translate To Translate Tweets

Social Networking sites has made this world a small place to live in. Sitting here in India you can find out what a person in France is doing, just by following him on Twitter or Facebook. Social Networking sites has undoubtedly removed international boundaries. But there are times when language becomes a barrier. What if […]

Translate your search query in Google

Google Search has inducted another feature which gives the user the option to translate the keyword which is being searched into another language. If you just type in the query and hit search while on Google.com, you will obviously get a list of results. Click on Show Options. Check within┬áMore Options which shows up on […]

New Website Translator Widget from Google

People from all over the world can access your site. Although most of them will be comfortable with the default language of your website, be it English or any other, its always possible that someone might want to view it in their own language. Of course they can go to the Google translate site and do the needful, but wouldn’t it be better if you provided that facility in your website itself, as a widget?

View websites in different languages with Google toolbar.

Google recently announced that it has added a new feature to Google toolbar with Firefox browser. You can now read just about any website in different languages. This is quite different from having a translate widget or button on websites. This allows you to read any web-page in a different language. Below is the image […]

Google Docs adds translation function to spreadsheets.

Google Docs has now enabled language translation in spreadsheets. I will explain how you can enable one cell in the spreadsheet to translate what is typed in another cell into a different language.

The result will be that you can enter a sentence in English and after you specify the language code it will show you the translated sentence.