Translate MS Office files with DocTranslator

Doc Translator is a web service which allows anyone to translate MS Office documents from one language to another without the need to register, sign-up and also keep the formatting along with the help of a Google API.

I have a friend who has to write reports in two different languages and most times my friend ends up writing two reports separately. With Google Docs you can actually get a decent translated text version and then of course carry out changes which are relevant to give it that human touch and iron out the intricacies of any language. But what if you do not use Google Docs?

Here DocTranslator is very handy as it is a great way to translate any document you have on your computer with the help of a Google Translate API.


About DocTranslator

  • DocTranslator allows translation of any file be it txt, xls, doc, docx and ppt.
  • It is free and a online tool so no installation required. It also does not require registering of signing up with the website.
  • There is no limit to the file size. Also it is secure as it uses the Google API and does not store the file you translate.
  • The formatting of the document that is translated is retained in the new document.

This website is a great way to translate documents without using Google accounts and also thanks to the API keep the quality intact because of Google Translation kit.

Do try this one out and let me know what you think about it with your comments.

Link: DocTranslator


hacker9 May 15, 2010

hey cool article. enjoyed it. the best part i liked about this is that It is free no signup required.

TechGyo May 15, 2010

Hey thanks a lot, I was just trying to convert my file. Thanks for sharing.

Aditya Kane May 16, 2010

You are welcome. I agree it is a nifty tool.