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Google translate is an excellent tool for translation of different languages, I was just translating some something through Google Translate and observed few improvements and started searching around. You might have not noticed about the few improvement Google has added in Google Translate this month. Google has developed automatic translation tools because they want to help people find information, no matter what language they speak. Below you will find three distinct improvements to Google Translate.

Improvements in Google translate

  • Alternative Translation : Google has added the feature to see alternative translations, which can help us understand the true intended meaning of the phrase, and provide another kind of feedback for them(Google) to improve their translation algorithm. See the images below how you can edit the sentences, to do so left click with your mouse on the word you will get alternate words for that choose amongst it to use.

eg: 1


eg: 2



  • Virtual Keyboard : Google has also added virtual keyboards to Google Translate, because it is very difficult to type any of the 57 languages that is supported by Google Translate on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Just look at the below screenshot, click on the keyboard icon appears at bottom-right of the text area to get the virtual keyboard for other languages.


  • Speech Synthesis : One of the feature that user enjoy is to listen the text which they have just translated in other language. For this Google has added speech synthesis for three more languages and they are Arabic, Japanese and Korean. And dramatically improved another 17 languages approximately, so that we can not only see text translations, but also hear them spoken aloud. Few of them are as follows Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish etc.

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  1. That is amazing all the things make it more cool and all of these things are very close to the saying”What more you need?”,Thanks Huzaifa alteast using these things i can stop my mind from loosing Hindi words(in Punjab so….).

  2. @Huzaifa Darbar, i am using cometbird browser and i like most its
    “word translator” functionality but sometimes comes a question in my mind how much this is a good browser. I think you should check out CometBird browser.

    1. If you like cometbird word translator functionality then its OK, if you miss something in cometbird then you can use Google Translate rather, you have a option.

      And I would also try out CometBird, thnx for suggestion:)

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