Twitonomy: Get Free In-depth Stats and Graphs About Twitter Usage

Twitonomy is a free online analytics tool that allows deep insights into your Twitter activity, account details, followers, lists and more,

I spend some time on social media but most of it is dedicated to Facebook. Twitter is a service which I do not really use a lot. I usually add some articles I like sharing on Buffer App and move on. I like Twitter because the noise on it is always about what is happening currently. But what it lacks is the ability to show us some handy analysis of our activity on it. This is where Twitonomy is pretty good and whats more it is free.

Twitonomy Features

I found that Twitonomy really shows a great deal of insights about how we use Twitter. The first thing that struck me were data on the users I most retweeted. More importantly it showed the number of tweets I had retweeted. This was pretty good data on how I basically interact on Twitter.


Tweet analytics are very basic overview of the number of tweets between a particular timeframe and data related to it. For example it seems like I tweet 5.18 times a day but get a retweet only 12% of the time. That means once in every three days.


The most handy analysis I found on Twitonomy was an analysis of the retweets on my tweets. It shows a table which tweets were Retweeted and by how many users and how many followers each use had. This is I guess important to see what sort of thing that you share is the most viral.


These were just three of my favorite stats analysis I shared above. There are several more like analysis on your followers, on lists and much more.

Additionally you can also have Twitonomy get you data on other Twitter users. But I did not find it all that useful for normal users like me. But it is something social media experts might be interested in.

Do try out Twitonomy and drop in your comments and views.

Link: Twitonomy

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