Create an Address Book of Your Twitter Contacts

If you are running a Twitter account for professional reasons, then you might want more options than Twitter has about the people you follow.

For instance, Twitter does not allow (unlike say Gmail) to add comments, notes and tags and other contact information like phone nos, email address and postal address to a contact on Twitter.

With PeepNote, we can add contact information to upto 250 Twitter users.


I could add Addresses, Phone numbers, Company name, position and even birthday’s to my Twitter contacts.

These contacts can also be sorted with Tags and short notes about them on what they exactly do. This is helpful if you are making business contacts on Twitter.

Users can also export their contacts in the Virtual Card (VCard) format.

PeepNote seems a lot more useful to organize professionals you come across  on Twitter. It is not exactly a way to manage Twitter but more so as an alternative address book of Twitter friends.

If you are managing social media campaigns this might be a very useful tool to keep detailed contact information of your Twitter connections.

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Try out PeepNote and drop in your comments.

Link: PeepNote