Design your website with an online HTML editor

HTML editors are usually very freely available on the web to be downloaded. I just checked out a decent HTML editor which is hosted on the web. It is a WYSIWYG HTML Editor and you do not need to download it as you can just use it from the website.

  • The HTML Editor is pretty decent and allows inserting images along with formatting text with almost all the functionalities you could get from a word processor while using text.

Online HTML Editor

  • I could also download the HTML page once done to my computer by clicking on Save file now.
  • There is an option to check the HTML source code and edit it. It also has support for Customizing CSS.
  • The best part of it is there is not need to sign up and register for using the HTML editor.

I don’t think serious web designing can be done with this HTML editor. But some decent functionalities along with the option to preview page with different screen resolutions, this could be useful for someone who is just dabbling in HTML and needs text formating options.

Try it out at Online HTML Editor and let me know what you think about it.

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Sanjeev December 15, 2009

This online HTML editor is looking simple and cool. The interface is like MS Office which is helpful in many ways. Thanks for sharing this info.

Aditya Kane December 15, 2009

Yes Sanjeev, it seems almost like MS Word, but it does have a nifty html editor too. 😉