Give your suggestions and feedback about blogger in Google Moderator page.

Blogger has  launched a Template designer in Blogger drafts. Now they are accepting Blogger feature requests and feedback to improve blogger. I think Blogger is really worried about Bloger to WordPress migration and even our own Harsh and rtCamp together  have launched Blogger To WordPress Migration Professional Service which makes thing even hotter!!

Here’s the screenshot about how to get to blogger template designer.

Firstly open

Blogger is taking feature requests.  post your request and promote other user request in  Google Moderator page.

Are you a BlogSpot blogger, what all features do you think blogspot is missing?


Geek Blogger April 5, 2010

i think there are the things missing in blogger are 1) All in one SEO Plugin like wordpress 2) Incoming Search Terms for the posts.

ewallpaperstock May 12, 2010

I’m very impressed by the helpful information on this site. many many thanks!!!

qaiyoum April 6, 2011

I think ,google should add new post in pages .