Windows 7 and the War of Software Piracy

With the release of Windows 7 RC, cyber-criminals have already started to monger it! There have been reports of illegitimate distributions of Windows 7 RC that have infected the user’s computers with malware. This could lead to potential identity theft, system failures and unrecoverable data loss. Not just that, it also costs the world economy more than 45 billion dollars annually.

Windows 7 has anti-piracy guards that show pop-up boxes to warn people when unauthorized copies of software are spied on computers.

Windows RC 7 released for general public

A week after bringing out the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, Microsoft has released it to the general public as well. This not being the final tested version, there are some risks involved in using it. According to Microsoft, people who wish to use this version should have some specific […]

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Leaked on the Internet!

The much talked, Microsoft’s upcoming release of a new operating system – Windows 7, whose beta release was scheduled to be launched on January 2009 is reported to have been leaked on some very famous torrent sites that usually provide pirated contents. As per an article in Information Week: The beta version of the OS, […]