Download Windows 7 Beta Officially!

windows7 Recently we posted about how pirated copy of Windows 7 was leaked over the Internet. But, as per my advice, those who did not download the pirated copies and were waiting for the Official release of its beta version, have a good news!! 🙂 The beta version of Windows 7 is scheduled to be made available officially and for free from today. Though, it was about to be released sometime this afternoon (9th January), I am yet to see any download link on their official site.

But its for sure that, today the long wait will be over for those who were waiting desperately to have a look on Windows’ new OS – Windows 7. 🙂 Just keep looking for any download link on their official site.

Link: Windows 7 Homepage

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Gautam January 9, 2009

Thanks for Posting.
Will surely try it 😀

Deepak Jain January 12, 2009

@ Gautam
If you have installed it, do let us know how Windows 7 looks and feel are

sandeep January 10, 2009

let me try !!!!!!!!!

robin January 10, 2009

no linkz yet !!

Madan January 17, 2009

I am unable to download the windows 7. Please advice…