Free Premium Anti-Virus for 1 year for your Windows 7 PC

Windows 7, has been launched two days ago. And as far as Windows products go, viruses won’t be far away for this edition of Windows as well. Even though Windows 7 is the most secure of all the Windows systems created to-date, it’s still comforting to know that another anti-virus is working, to keep your PC secure and virus-free. So here’s a list of premium anti-virus that you can get for free (for 1 year.)

Apple pokes fun at Windows 7

Windows 7 is out and guess what Apple is also out with a new advertisement poking fun at Windows 7. They have released a series of ads making fun of Windows 7.

This particular ad is called “Broken Promises” which has a man called PC who resembles Bill Gates slightly and another man called Mac who are talking about Windows 7 and how it wont have any problems that previous Windows versions had.

Getting Windows 7 like Task Bar on Windows XP [How-to]

About a month ago, I installed Windows 7 on my computer and enjoyed it a lot. There are many useful features in it. I specially, loved the option to pin/unpin items from taskbar. Now, while using my windows XP PC I am feeling really uncomfortable and chaotic to see the traditional task bar of windows […]

PC manufactures participating in free windows 7 upgrade

Want to buy a new PC and waiting for the launch of Windows 7? Don’t wait just go and buy one now, as Microsoft in association with some of the world’s best PC manufacturers is offering a free upgrade to Windows 7. Check out the list of PC manufacturers that are offering a free upgrade […]

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrade Option Program

Microsoft has officially announced the initial pricing for Windows 7, saying that the prices for the Windows 7 operating system are more or less in line with those for Vista.

Microsoft also announced that those who will buy Windows Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate computers before Windows 7 goes on sale will get FREE upgrades from their manufacturers.

Microsoft plans to remove browser from Windows 7 in Europe; E.U. not impressed!

Because of the EU antitrust concerns, Microsoft recently announced that it would not include its Internet Explorer browser (or any alternatives) in the Windows 7 software for the European market. However, the European Commission seems to be unhappy and wants to see consumers being offered a genuine choice of browsers. The European Commission said: “’Rather […]

Microsoft to Launch Windows 7 on October 22

Software giant Microsoft has finally announced that their latest version of Windows OS- Windows 7 will be available at stores in the US starting October 22, 2009, ahead of all expectations. Microsoft had earlier mentioned that it expected Windows 7 to come out “within three years of Windows Vista.” This would have meant early 2010. […]