Zynga FarmVille toolbar review, worth installing or not?

If you are a FavmVille addict and checks your farm again and again for harvesting fully grown crops. Now you don’t need to do so cuz you can track your farm using the official toolbar of FarmVille by Zynga, the company who created FarmVille, Cafe World FishVille and Mafia Wars. Now you can track your […]

Three simple tricks of increasing XP/Level rapidly in FarmVille

If you are a FarmVille addict on Facebook then this is a must read post for all you guys. Every player who loves to play Farville must be eager to grow his/her experience (XP) and level rapidly but it’s quite difficult when you crosses 20th level as the XP gap increases more and more after […]

How to show updates from FarmVille only in your Facebook’s news feed

This post is for all the FarmVille addicts on Facebook (like me 😛 ) who likes FarmVille more than anything else on Facebook. So obviously for them FarmVille updates from friends are more important. Also FarmVille updates helps a lot to grow faster in XP level and coins by adopting animals, fertilizing crops, getting bonus […]

Easiest way to get a free farmville gift everyday

First of all let me tell you that this is only for you guys, the readers of FacebooKnol. Farmville, the most popular game on Facebook and worldwide having millions of active users. The game is damn good, interesting and addictive too. But almost everyone on this game works daily on his/her farm to collect coins […]