Three simple tricks of increasing XP/Level rapidly in FarmVille

If you are a FarmVille addict on Facebook then this is a must read post for all you guys. Every player who loves to play Farville must be eager to grow his/her experience (XP) and level rapidly but it’s quite difficult when you crosses 20th level as the XP gap increases more and more after that to reach to next level. All you need is to select good crop while planting seeds on your farm. Let me tell you which and how crops can help you in increasing your XP and hence level. Just read ther three tips given below to play FarmVille efficiently.

1.More planting area = More XP:

It’s always better to keep your plantation area as large as possible cuz that’s the main source of your XP. Collect some coins and buy 22X22 (largest) plantation area as soon as possible and try to give more area to plantation rather than decoration which you can do anytime once you reach a higher level. Also more plantation area will help you to earn more and more points. See the farm below which is having a total plantation area of around 450 blocks.


2. More Coin = More XP:

Try planting those crop which gives more coin while harvesting. You can collect those coins and buy something from them from the market which will increase your XP as well. Suppose you collected 150000 coins, you can buy a Farmhouse from them which will give you 1500 XP in return. The crops which gives more coins while harvesting with respect to their original cost are Strawberries, Eggplant, Wheat, Grapes e.t.c.

3. More time you spent = More XP you gain:

If you have lots of spare time to spent on FarmVille then try planting seeds of those crops which harvests in 4-6 hours and gives you an XP of at least one. That will help you to increase your XP in every 4-6 hours and again you can plow after that which will give you an XP of one again per plowing. Crops like this are Strawberries and Blueberries e.t.c.

So try using these FarmVille tips and don’t forget to tell us your FarmVille level. 😉