Easiest way to get a free farmville gift everyday

FV_logo_header_barFirst of all let me tell you that this is only for you guys, the readers of FacebooKnol. Farmville, the most popular game on Facebook and worldwide having millions of active users. The game is damn good, interesting and addictive too. But almost everyone on this game works daily on his/her farm to collect coins and gifts rather than purchasing it from Zynga, the makers of Farmville.And purchasing is not useful too.

Now sometimes you get gifts from your friends and sometime you might not get, it depends how many you are sending :P. But if you want to get a sure shot gift everyday here’s a chance for you.

How to get a gift everyday?

  1. First of all add this Facebook profile as your friend. (Alternate link: http://www.facebook.com/sauravjit).
  2. Now drop a comment with your Facebook profile name either in the comment section below or send a message/wall post on the profile link given above. Remember this is important to inform us else you won’t get your daily gift.
  3. Now just accept the friend request that we will send you on Farmville. This will increase your neighbors as well which is needed to unlock market products.
  4. Well this is all what you need to do, you can tell us what gift you want else you will get any gift randomly.

Isn’t it so cool? cuz basically you need to do nothing and you can rise in Farmville with just an initial effort.

Please note that we will try out best to send a gift to you on daily basis, but still it depends on the circumstances and the number of people for this. A profile can send gift to limited number of persons per day but don’t worry if you are from the first few people, you will definitely get one 😉

Enjoy Farmville enjoy Facebook 🙂


Simran November 30, 2009

Hi SJ… Add me as a friend there. I have sent you a friend request

sauravjit December 16, 2009

Added you buddy, U’ll get a gift regularly after 24th Dec cuz I am having my exams….
thanks for your patience 🙂

Dhairya December 21, 2009

sent you a request buddy..and best of luck for your exams.. 🙂

sauravjit December 24, 2009

Accepted 🙂
and thank you 🙂

rajesh December 29, 2009

sent you a request buddy..

sauravjit December 30, 2009

Got it!!
thank you for registering 🙂

brenda grimes March 8, 2010

my facebook name is brenda grimes

Danna July 17, 2010

Sent you a request, would love farmville gifts of animals!!!

mike fennell November 23, 2010

need 4 neighbours to upgrade, plus bottles for nursery

samantha gibbs March 18, 2011

wow this is epic XD i like horses & trees ^-^

shelley April 24, 2011

sent a request but here is my profile link anyway

Sauravjit April 25, 2011

This is no longer available.

terri May 22, 2011

sup, lets see if this works hopefully it does and look forward to gifts greatly appreciated