[TDIS] Thank Devil its Sunday

Almost a month ago I was supposed to visit rtCamp’s office for a interview with Rahul Bansal. The profile I was applying for was Blog Editor. Honestly I had no idea what a Blog Editor is and I decided to look up some details and Googled ‘Blog Editor’. It gave up a whole lot of a search results which covered links on how to edit blogs but nothing about a Blog Editor πŸ™

So I wised-up and then the next query was “Blog Editor Jobs India”. And voila I still was stuck. Now itΒ  was a interesting situation to be caught in. The only company hiring a Blog Editor in India seemed to be rtCamp. Now that I am the Blog Editor I can probably say I am the first ‘Blog Editor’ as a professional in India. I don’t know if its wholly accurate but it surely gives me a high πŸ˜›

The First Week


Rahul Bansal at his desk

My first day with rtCamp was interesting. Rahul Bansal (aka Boss) took me through some of the rules on what is to be done and what is not to be done while editing at Devilsworkshop. With quite a few posts still pending reviews I had a lot of work and learning to doΒ  straight away. I was made to sit in this room where all others were PHP developers and me having no knowledge of PHP their screens were full of things I had no idea about. I did feel quite illiterate at the moment so I kept quite and concentrated on Devilsworkshop’s Dashboard on my screen 😐


Lunch-time at rtCamp

The Developers were quite chilled out and we bonded well over the week sharing lunch in the afternoon and tea in the evenings. rtCamp is divided into two groups or so we like to think sometimes when we have a identity crises. The first one is the Editor (that’s me) and the guys in charge of Operations and HR (that’s Vivek and Ashish). The second group is Radhe, Santosh, Kapil and Pragati and Rahul (the Boss).


From L to R: Rohit, Kapil, Pragati, Radhe, Rahul

The first group likes to call the second group ‘Geeks’ but we have found out they actually like that name so it’s no fun saying it too many times. Honestly all of us are ‘Geeks’ in our own way and in our own right. The newest recruit Rohit is a web designer and he is still unsure which group of ‘Geeks’ he can be classified under.

TDIS – Thank Devil It’s Sunday!

I noticed that this was a feature which was discontinued over time. Now that I am here it surely will be a weekly feature, published on Sundays only. We choose Sunday, because its holiday for most people. So rather than brainstorming with another technical how-to guides, its better to indulge in lighter discussions.

Of course, if we get more articles for this series, we may consider increasing frequency of posts in this new section. So bring it on and contribute to the Thank Devil Its Sunday

Aditya Kane

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Mandar Salvi September 6, 2009


I wish that Sunday would have been everyday! πŸ™‚


Gaurav Dua September 6, 2009

Awesome post.. Awesome pics.. Yummy Lunch πŸ˜›

Arjun S Kumar September 6, 2009

Seems you guys and [b]BOSS[/b] are rocking at rtCamp..

Dinesh September 6, 2009

Nice job. Keep rocking at rtCamp.

Aditya Kane September 7, 2009

@ Mandar: I know but we wouldnt appreciate Sundays like we do now..
@ Gaurav, Arjun and Dinesh: Thanks

Pavan Kumar September 9, 2009

Nice post Aditya, working in small companies would definitely help us grow in right way.

Srinivas September 13, 2009

Waiting to see rtcamp reaching great heights soon..

Sridhar Iyer September 13, 2009

Hey Adi(Aditya Kane)aka (editor),
Nice in-company info πŸ˜‰
My best wishes…. to you and all the rtcamp team… also its really a great task working for a startup… full of challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

Good Luck


Aditya Kane September 13, 2009

@Pavan Kumar: I agree with you, it was a very important reason i made up my mind to work in rtcamp
@Srinivas: We all seriously hope so…
@Sridhar: Thanks for the wishes and I agree, its a great oppurtunity. By the way you have a nice blog, keep it up!