Google Easter Eggs

The Google Web site–and many of the company’s software programs–are loaded with gags, goofs, and Easter eggs that have helped Google maintain a fun-loving spirit in the cut-throat world of Web competition. Here’s a compilation of a few ones:

Thanks to Google Calculator, you can use the Google search box for serious number crunching–anything from converting currency to solving advanced maths equations. But things don’t always add up the way you think they will with Google Calculator. Try searching for “answer to life the universe and everything,” “number of horns on a unicorn,” or “once in a blue moon” for unexpected computations.

If you Google “ascii art“, you’ll find an ASCII representation of Google’s logo next to the search box. Likewise, try searching for “recursion“. The search results will have a ‘did you mean’ inspire the right spelling. It’s actually a geeky Easter egg closely related to the witty use of the “did you mean” feature to help you understand recursion.

Google’s free image editing and management software Picasa has a wild side that few people know about. Open Picasa and press Ctrl-Shift-Y, and a teddy bear will pop up. Keep pressing those keys and watch out for the sloth (or sleuth) of red-bowtied bears that take over the program!

Over and above all this there is a specific google’s easter special search page too!

Google also has a tradition of perpetrating April Fools’ Day hoaxes. More on these can be read on its  wikipedia page.

(Image Credits: Google’s easter special page)

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