Tecchnorati: Organise Blogs Posts With Tags Into Sidebar!

This is for all bloggers from all domains having technorati account!

One problem old blogger felt that there was no way to categorize post according to tag! Mostly after each post we used to add technorati tags! Then came blogger in beta with this option right into blogger itself! Still instead of tagging all the posts again, you can use technorati API’s to take care of this! (For live example scroll down to see "TOP 10 TAGS" in this blogs sidebar itself!)

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use technorati API’s (Even I don’t know πŸ˜‰ ! Vijay Bhaskar already done some great work regarding this! So just listing here what you need to do!

1. Copy Following javascript code!

2. Now Replace Following Fields:

  • <Your Technorati Username>
  • <Your Blog URL>
  • <Number of Tags>

After Modifying your code will look like…

Just Paste modified code into your blog! That’s it!


  1. You must have Technorati Account For this!
  2. You must have tagged your posts beforehand!
  3. Number of Tags can be set to 100 at the max!


I have switched already to blogger in beta! Still I like technorati tags over blogger’s label because when somebody clicks on technorati tags, it shows partial content of all the post tagged under that particular tag, while blogger shows full posts!
I feel technorati’s way is better as some of tags have large no. of posts tagged under them which make loading of those pages time-consuming!


Cyber-Buff September 30, 2006

nice one! thanx!!!!

Sarvesh October 4, 2006

Hi..I kinda like your blog…with all the great orkuting stuff…

Recently I downloaded IM+..the one you cracked…but I dont know how to make it work..(as it is a .rar file and not .sis)

So please let me know..I’d really appreciate that..I have Nokia 6670 and my email is [email protected]

C ya later dude…XP

Rahul Bansal October 4, 2006

To: Sarvesh
Rar is compression format!
Use WinRar to uncompress that file!

Rahul Bansal October 4, 2006

i forgot to mention, while uncompressing it will ask for passwod!
password is : rb286.blogspot.com

Ajay December 23, 2007

Hi Rahul,
I did use the code you’ve given above but the template keeps saying that the code could not be parsed because some xml element was not properly closed. I believe I might have placed the code in the wrong place. Where exactly are we supposed to paste it? I put it in the main template just before the body element is closed. I have a modified blogger template. please help.

Rahul Bansal December 27, 2007

First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for Xmas vacations! πŸ™

Now I am familiar with error you got. I suggest you two solutions!

Just copy-paste code above and try again as I modified them little bit!

Or in bloggers there are widgets. Use HTML/Javascript widget and put your code in widget.

If you still need help let us know so can try to simplify this further! wishin you merry xmas and a very happy new year!

-Rahul πŸ™‚