[Tested] Chrome is Better Than Firefox 4 and IE9

chrome_ie_ff_testedFirefox 4 final version is available for download now and Internet Explorer 9 (RTM) version was also released last week. So I decided to take all the final, non-beta or non-RC versions of Firefox 4, IE 9 and Chrome on my computer and carry out a few tests to check their performance.

I prefer the Chrome user-interface because it is so sparse and simple. IE9 and Firefox 4 try hard but I am not really happy with its user-interface. But then interface is a personal thing and hence I decided to go with performance.

I carried out two tests, one was the ACID 3 and the other was HTML 5 test.

The Acid3 Test!

I first tested Chrome, Firefox 4 and IE9 for the Acid 3 test. The Acid 3 test basically tests web standards regarding CSS, website rendering. The test was made famous by Chrome when it got a 100/100. This led Chrome to design a method to insert Chrome frame into IE8 for making it faster.

  • Chrome as expected for a 100/100 on the test.


  • Internet Explorer 9 scored a 95/100 with the Acid3 test. This is a big improvement because I remember in a post last year, I had performed quite badly.


  • Firefox 4 final version scored a 97/100 which. That seems to be a big improvement but still short of the perfect score set by Chrome.


The HTML5 Test!

This is a test to decide how well does the browser we are using support HTML5 standards. This has been a big talking point, with HTML 5 supposedly being branded as a web-standard. Internet Explorer version have traditionally fared poorly.

A look at the stats from their website, show that Chrome scores 288 while Internet Explorer scores 130. The score for Firefox 4 final version is 240. This is strange as I remember Firefox 4 RC version scored 255!

So is Chrome better than IE9 and Firefox 4?

The answer to that is yes. If it was purely about performance, then Chrome does far better than Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4. I did find the final version of Firefox 4 a lot faster than its predecessors but it still has taken way too much time to come out with version 4. While Firefox and IE released beta version slowly, Chrome kept updating its version automatically and so often that it stopped announcing the updated versions altogether.

What are your views on Chrome, Firefox 4 and IE9 as far as performance goes? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Acid3 Test | HTML5 test


Himanshu March 22, 2011

good review. But i still like the new firefix and IE. They have really changed as compared to their previous versions.

Aditya Kane March 23, 2011

Thanks Himanshu. I liked the new Firefox too but still do not see any major reason for me to stop using Chrome.

Manish March 22, 2011

Firefox is anyday faster than chrome and IE. I dont agree with the tests

Aditya Kane March 23, 2011

As I said, when it comes to speed, UI and other things people have their preferences. When to comes to performance these tests do not lie.

lifeh2o March 23, 2011

Why you have not tested Opera 11?? It is also 100/100 in acid test

Aditya Kane March 23, 2011

I tested the top 3 browsers out there. It is good to know Opera 11 also got a 100/100 with the acid test. Thanks for that info. 🙂

neesha March 23, 2011

what about safari and konquere? you have no idea about that browsers, right? you must be knowing that other browsers to exists.
BTW, I do find firefox much more better and ahead than chrome

Aditya Kane March 24, 2011

I am comparing the top 3 browsers in terms of usage. Also Firefox 4 and IE 9 are recently released versions.

zeeshan March 24, 2011

chrome crash more than firefox in my pc thats y firefox is best also have plenty of addons.

Aditya Kane March 24, 2011

Interesting. But I have not seen Chrome crash more often than Firefox so it might be vary from computer to computer.

Vibin @ Techfume March 28, 2011

I completely agree with you!
Actually people are so dumb that they don’t want to switch to chrome(from FF) because they have been using FF for years! And stats also say that most of the PC users don’t even know about Google chrome! I don’t know why people are so excited about just the 4.0 version of firefox, you can see chrome has also released its 12.0 version also ! Chrome has everything but it need time to build trust amongst the internet users to switch from FF to chrome.

Aditya Kane March 28, 2011

I think a lot of people do not want to move to CHrome because of the add-on. Some add-on cannot simply be compared to extensions in Chrome. But overall I still feel Chrome is better.

Vibin @ Techfume March 28, 2011

But chrome’s webstore contains heaps of addons! Yeah, Addons are better than extensions but chrome is better in features, GUI, speed and lot more