[Vi.sualize.us] Bookmark Tool for Online Images You Like

Most people who have their favourite sites and love to surf around online, are aware of bookmarks on a browser. Web services like Delicious, took bookmarking ahead by allowing people to bookmark links and save them online. Online bookmarking get better because of its social nature. People can look up what others bookmark, which end up allowing people to discover newer but quality content. We do not see many such services when it comes to images.

Vi.sualize.us is a website which allows bookmarking online images which can be looked up later.


Features of Vi.sualize.us

  • Vi.sualize.us has a add-on for Firefox and also a Chrome extension. It also has a bookmarklet. This allows bookmarking an image with a simple click, just like we might do with Delicious, Digg or Google Bookmarks.
  • Tags and brief descriptions allows us to leave notes about the image. The website also actively promotes giving credit to the owner or author of the image.
  • The bookmarked image can also be shared over Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


The service works very similar to Delicious, where it allows you to look up images from others thanks to tags. We can even follow certain accounts of people we think share cool stuff regularly. 🙂

Try out Vi.usalize.us and do drop in your comments.

Link: vi.sualize.us | Chrome Extension | Firefox Add-on