Three silly mistakes to avoid while writing an article

Hi! Today I am going to share my views on “Three Silly mistakes done by blogger’s while they write an article”.

Incorrect Hyper-linking

The most seen mistake which annoys the visitors is incorrect URL linking. I will show your the best example for it.

Incorrect URL linking

Here If I keep my cursor on GoDaddy it shows me that the URL is ““. This really annoys the user. Its a very common mistake and have seen this even with one of the most famous blogs like ProBlogger.

The Mistake

This mistake is because while hyper-linking, he didn’t put the “http://” before “”. So the web-browser thinks that is a directory in DevilsWorkshop.

Spelling Mistake’s

This is the most common mistake seen in a blog. This is caused mainly if the blogger doesn’t check the spelling mistakes after he completes writing his article. This affects your readers. And mainly affects your non-English readers because if they want to translate your blog into their language. They use some Translators like Google Translator, Yahoo BabelFish etc. If that article consists of spelling mistakes, the Translator will not be able to translate the article. So, it affects the reading and also the non-English readers. So it annoys them.

Irrelevant Advertisements

A CPA offer shown as an advertisement in a Tech Blog

We are now seeing the kind of advertisements even in Tech Blogs which are not at all related to the content and also some of them are CPA offers. This really affects the traffic of the particular site.

Irrelevant Keywords Used in a Tech Blog

This is mainly due to adding/using irrelevant keywords in the meta tags and also keyword stuffing. Mainly bloggers do this because if they use keywords like lung cancer, CPA etc., their websites will be displayed with the advertisements which pay a lot as compared to other advertisements.

Hope it helped you 🙂 .

I will be glad if you share your views about these mistakes or any other mistakes which you would like to be mentioned here 🙂 .

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Googleverse October 17, 2009

Nice Compilation, though only 3 points. I expected more.

By the way, writing solutions for these mistakes :

1 – Use Xenu Link detector and google webmaster to both broken and incorrect links.

2 – Use Firefox/Windows live writer to write posts.

3 – Use Adsense. Google will decide which ads to run for your blog 🙂


everblogger October 20, 2009


Thanks! I will blog this in next post. 🙂

Nickson October 21, 2009

Nice post. Honestly, i think these 3 points are already thought by all the authors except few outstanding guyz!

everblogger October 24, 2009



Googleverse October 26, 2009

My pleasure 🙂