List of 100% adsense Revenue Sharing sites


DW is an adsense revenue sharing site and such websites allow you to generate revenue through Adsense from the posts you contribute.These sites have high rankings and Google is calculating CPC based on the smart pricing method, where the statics of the page (where you got the click) is very important in determining the value of a click.The sites can surly increase your CPC. Also keep in mind that they have a lot of loyal readers who possibly reads your articles also (more readers=more clicks=more money). Rather than Just money, you can also earn some authority and experience through these posts!

Here I am compiling a list of 5 such sites, which allows Adsense revenue sharing on their posts.

1.Devils Workshop (DW):

I think that there is no need to describe DW.You can earn money from your posts in DW through Adsense revenue sharing system and can also win $100 if you became the ‘Blogger of the Month’.My favorite site where i makes guest posts.

2.SheToldMe ;

Another favorite of mine.It’s the best way to earn from adsense.Here, Instead of writing,  you have to share articles – i.e, this is a social bookmarking site like Digg and reddit.Through this site, You can promote your blog and also earn from adsense.You can even earn money by sharing the articles of others.

3.Hubpages ;

One of my favorite.You want to create ‘hubs’  and can earn money from the ads displayed in the hubs.Each posts is a page which is called hubs.Most of all hubs are added on the front page of Google and is highly SEO optimized.

4.Flixya ;

It is an image, video, blog sharing site, which posts your ads on the shared pages and shares with you 100% Adsense revenue generated from the contents you share.

5.Simpy ;

It is also another social bookmarking site just as SheToldMe.It also allows 100% Adsense revenue sharing to the contributors. Here too you can promote your blog or earn by other’s contents.

There are many other Adsense revenue sharing sites, which pays from 50%-100%. Anyway, this concept is accepted by Google and is the best way to make more money.

In my opinion, if you have an Adsense account you must checkout the DW and shetoldme.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Rajeel KP or ‘Reji’. Rajeel is a teen blogger who writes at Labofweb on stuff related to the Internet, blogging, useful sites, utilities, tech news, blogger templates, etc.

If you, too would like to write for Devils Workshop, please check this. Details about our revenue sharing programs are here.]


xphunt3r October 16, 2009

i think shetoldme sound intresting, once i checked it but i was not aware about its features and what we have to do there. Thanks for info..

Rahul October 16, 2009

Hub pages only share 60% of adsense revenue with its members.

linus October 17, 2009

Very interesting and useful information. I tried Hubpages and I got good response. Thanks for sharing very good information

Harsh Agrawal October 17, 2009

Great List Rajeel and I’m missing my blog name here which is also 100% revenue sharing blog . 🙂

taranfx October 20, 2009

SheToldMe is good but right now it’s down for maintenance.
But none of the Top blogs do revenue-sharing, especially in the U.S.

Nickson October 21, 2009

Nice list. might help, thanks.

Infobarrel January 2, 2010

While it is not quite 100% revenue share, if you publish content at you can get 75%-90% revenue share depending on how much content you contribute.

Infobarrel also pays you out on Chitika as well, having multiple revenue sources from one site is an added bonus.

Osho Garg April 6, 2010

Good Info
Thanks 🙂

Ddhiren June 2, 2010

Bindasscafe is 80% share 60% of adsense revenue with its members.

Robert August 21, 2010

Webanswers seems to be working for some people. It looks like a lot of work because you have to answer thousands of questions.

Brian November 14, 2010

Well articleplot is now 100% revenue sharing too. Premium location.

maryan December 28, 2010

thanks for sharing. and how about

Suraj January 6, 2011

Very true! Thanks for sharing this.

rohan@TechLunatic January 7, 2011

nice post, thanks for compiling and sharing!

BonArticles January 14, 2011

There are many more revenue sharing sites available on the internet. Hubpages is still my favorite.I would like to mention too which is a very great site and you have multiple avenues to earn. also shares 50 percent of its Adsense revenue with its writers. Nice Post…

suraj March 20, 2011

nice info man keep it up

roma May 23, 2011

Nice Information for new blogger.
thanks for sharing.

mangesh July 26, 2011

i like flixya very much

Tanweer July 29, 2011

100% revenue sharing on

smotherer October 1, 2011

Flixya is not accepting registrations any more…..! 🙁

nik00726 May 12, 2012

I am registered with and I would like to add adsense in guest blogging.But I don’t know how to add sense in post.

Can you help me !

anis October 30, 2012

thank you friend for this wide list but Hubpages offers only 60% of the revenue generated by adSense