Use a Timer, Alarm or Stopwatch on Your Browser – Timer Tab

Many people like me, can lose track of the time while reading posts, replying to email, checking out photos and videos and even following the news. The browser undoubtedly is a place I spend a few hours everyday.

I find that keeping track of time would be quite productive and an alarm or countdown to alert me of the time in the browser would be a good idea. Timer Tab allows creating an alarm like warning which plays at a specific time which you set.


Timer Tab Features

  • Just visit Timer Tab website and set the alarm for a specific local time or simply a timer which counts down to the time. The stopwatch can be used to track time spent online or on the browser without any alerts or alarm.
  • Timer Tab is also available as a Chrome Application for its browser. It also using these features even in while offline.
  • A good tip is to pin the tab on your browser so it can act as a timer every time you open the browser. This works just fine with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Do try out Timer Tab and drop in your comments.

Link: TimerTab