Top 10 Search Trends in India on Google for 2011

Google_indiaThis is the year Google, came out with their own social network Google+, but unfortunately the fastest rising search query along with most searched query on Google is the word “Facebook” when it comes to Indian internet users.

Among the most searched queries, Facebook is at the top ahead of YouTube, Gmail and Yahoo. There are also many people who search for the word ‘Google’ on Google.

List of the 10 top fastest rising and most searched queries are as follows:

Fastest Rising Search Queries Most Searched
  1. Facebook
  2. IBPS
  3. Google+
  4. World Cup 2011
  5. Bodyguard
  7. Anna Hazare
  8. IPL 2011
  9. Poonam Pandey
  10. Ready
  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Gmail
  4. Yahoomail
  5. Google
  6. Yahoo
  7. IRCTC
  8. Rediffmail
  9. Indian Railways
  10. way2sms

Indian Search Trends

  • Amongst the top 10 fastest rising search queries, three are about movies, one about a celebrity. Two queries are related to sports.
  • Facebook and Google+ also are in the list. This means a lot of internet users in India are searching for information related entertainment, sports and social media.
  • Amongst the most search query, it is surprising why so many people search for Facebook, Gmail, YouTube and other websites on Google search.
  • I wonder if that is because people are using Google as an address bar or if more of them are using Chrome and end up searching by name the website they want to reach from the address bar itself.

Interestingly in both lists, nothing that relates to online shopping shows up except in the case of Indian Railways, where people are searching for ways to book tickets online.

The search trends do show that a lot of people who use Google are young, urban Indians who might not be more inclined to search for sports and entertainment and not news and current events.

What are your views? What do you think you searched for most on Google this year? Do drop in your comments.

(via Google India)


Sharad December 16, 2011

9 out of 10 most searched topics are website names. It shows how much technically challenged India’s people are that they cannot type a website’s name properly and have to do a google search for that. Your logic that it was done in error from the location bar also seems wobbly since that feature is mostly in browsers like firefox and chrome, which our people are too afraid to use. They’ll stick to IE no matter what. I’ll tell you something, I work in a big software development company and even here people don’t know what the middle click actually does. Opening a new tab, or closing a tab is still done via context menu!!

It also shows how much people need to be educated about searching the Internet, with or without google. Here if I assume that people searching for news related to facebook search enter facebook in google search field, even then it just shows what I just mentioned.

In a country where students are made technical graduates of computer science without even knowing the difference between 1’s compliment and 2’s compliment, this is very very expected from other people.

It is shameful that the Indian public is not interested in world news and status and waste their online time searching for craptacular people like Poonam Pandey.

And we keep on dreaming…

manish December 17, 2011

My cousin sister always opens google to go to facebook. I told her that she should go to facebook directly but she’s too dumb. 😛