Sync Folders on Windows with Google Docs


Now a days, people tend to use more than a one platform and device to access their files. I do not like using Microsoft Office and actually prefer using Google Docs. Lately, I have started using Open Office to create documents and sync them with Dropbox.

But what if you want to sync a file or folder from your Windows computer with Google Docs. If you are using MS Word, then KumoSync will be a useful software.

Features of KumoSync

  • Download and Install KumoSync software on your Windows OS. It works on Windows Xp/Vista and Windows 7.
  • Add your Google Account details along with mapping your folders from your Windows computer.


  • Ideally move some files you want to sync with Google Docs in the folder and synchronization process starts.
  • The functionality is quite impressive, as every time I made some changes to a file and saved it, the sync process started automatically.

KumoSync does work perfect to sync folders but incase you want to synchronize individual documents then check this article on how to sync MS Office documents on multiple computers with Google Docs.

Do try out KumoSync and drop in your comments.

Link: KumoSync