Top 10 Losers And Gainers Google Rolls Out Panda 2.5 Update

Google has updated its search algorithm. Usually it does not announce new updates but to fight the menace of ‘content farms’ it started rolling out the, now famous or infamous (depending on search traffic being lost or increased) Panda update.

It has been confirmed by Search Metrics, that new Panda 2.5 update has been rolled out in the past week. It has also compiled a list of website which have lost the biggest after this update.

Interesting the majority of sites losing out because of Panda 2.5 are mainly movie gossip sites along with some medicine related websites.

 YouTube is Highest Gainer!

YouTube shows up as highest gainer after the Panda 2.5 roll-out. This can be quite controversial as YouTube is a Google product and some might think of this update as something that favors Google products.

The first Panda update was sometime in February and after that we have had over 6 more updates. This shows that every 5-7 weeks a new update is done to Google Search Algorithm. Expect the next update sometime towards the end of November 2011.

For us there has been no dramatic changes in traffic but what about your blogs? Do drop in your comments.


Tushar Agarwal October 3, 2011

The traffic seems to be taking a rollercoster ride. Soo unpredictable since last week.

Mohul October 3, 2011

It seems is now recovering from the Panda (original) shock.. Nice and informative post..!

Aditya Kane October 3, 2011

@Mohul: Yup, thanks for pointing out about hubpages recovering. I missed that one out.

Anshul October 3, 2011

Panda Update has been good for me so far. Ever since it was first launched, the traffic has increased despite the fact that the post frequency has gone down.

Aditya Kane October 3, 2011

@Anshul: That is good news to hear. Anyways particular month you saw a bigger upward trend?

Anshul October 4, 2011

There was a sudden huge spike in the month of June. Since then the traffic has been more or less constant.

Rajeel October 4, 2011

For the first time the panda is eating me up. I’m having a damn big lose of organic traffic due to them. I’m gonna cry </3

Gourav Jain October 9, 2011

Google Panda is friendly with my site till now (Fingers Crossed**). Organic traffic to our site hugely increased. The growth rate is almost 70% after the update, and we broke our own record of daily unique visits by achieving 13.7K visits on one single post in a day.

Hope things continue like this ever 🙂

Aditya Kane October 9, 2011

@Gourav: Wow thats a huge spike. Was this post not getting traffic before or was it published after panda update? If it was after, then panda might not be responsible.

Gourav Jain October 9, 2011

The post was published just a day or two before the the panda update. During that time, the post received a mere few thousand visitors and the very next day (Panda 2.5 Day), the site analytics rocked 🙂

And even if I ignore about that particular post and consider the site as a whole, there’s a huge spike and the best part is that its all organic traffic.

So, I’m feeling really high at this moment. But what’s about DevilsWorkshop and other sites of rtCamp Network. I hope they are shining too. Am I right ?

Aditya Kane October 10, 2011

@Gourav: Websites in rtBlog Netowork have not been affected positively or negatively. It is pretty much life as usual traffic wise.