Facebook sued again for tracking logged out users

Once again Facebook Inc. got sued for invading user privacy. This time a group of people sued Facebook for tracking its users even after logging out of Facebook.com. Generally when a user logs out of a website, that website automatically deletes it’s tracking cookies. but what Facebook was doing is to modify those tracking cookies rather than deleting them so that it can still track the users online.

This privacy flaw was claimed by an Australian blogger Nik Cubrilovic after which public interest groups asked US Federal Trade Commission to investigate the way Facebook tracks its user. Also they asked the commission to look into the new Facebook’s Ticker and Timeline features and check if these features increased the risk of privacy of a user’s personal information as most of the content is easily visible to friends of friends.

Even the Facebook’s privacy and account settings isn’t simple and it’s not easy to keep profile information protected from friends of friends and everyone else except your friends. If you’re confused about privacy settings of your Facebook profile then read Best privacy settings for your New Facebook profile and keep you personal stuff protected.

via Times of India


Panga October 4, 2011

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