Best privacy settings for your New Facebook profile

After the launch of Facebook subscription button and Profile review option, Facebook completely changed its privacy settings again. And as expected these features are so complicated for a normal user. Also some of the privacy features are not given under privacy settings link. You have to edit your profile to change your content’s visibility. But don’t worry if you want to keep your content on Facebook protected, we will tell you how you can change your profile settings to get a good privacy for your content.

Best privacy settings for your Facebook profile:

First of all open the Privacy Settings page using the link given below,

Now for a particular option, use the following settings.

Control Your Default Privacy: Select ‘Custom’ for this option, after clicking on ‘Custom’ you will see ‘Custom Privacy’ options. Select ‘Friends’ for ‘Make this visible to’. Also select ‘Restricted’ for ‘Hide this from’ as shown below.

Please note that here Restricted list is a smart list by Facebook where you can add those people with which you want to hide your profile’s content. To add someone to your Restricted List read this article.

How you connect: Click ‘Edit Settings’ for this option and do the following changes. Here we have selected ‘Custom’ for ‘Who can see Wall posts by others on your profile?’ which means the Wall posts are visible to friends only except for those who are in ‘Restricted list’.

How Tags Work: Do the following changes. You can Switch On Tag and Profile reviews if you want people to ask for your permission before tagging you in a photo. Read more about Tag and Profile review here.

That’s it; you don’t need to save these settings as Facebook saves it instantly. By using these settings you can have decent privacy settings with user interaction and privacy of your content simultaneously. Profiles with everything locked in it looks too boring so it’s better to use this kind of settings.