Top 10 Ways People Are Scammed! [Infographic]

The internet is full of the websites that cheat users by getting the user’s valuable information and selling them to third parties. It is not easy to predict which site might be scamming you. But most scams are quite simple and obvious. This list compiled by Better Business Bureau shows how even though most poeple are aware of what should be trusted they still fall prey to the same tricks.

As far as avoiding a getting scamed online, there is a general thumbrule you can use. If the deal is too good to be true then it generally is a scam.

top scams of 2011

Have you fallen victim to any one of these 10 scams? Do drop in your comments.


Kunal March 12, 2012

A very true scamming infography. When I get this spam emails about online backing and sweepstake, I just report it as spam and phish it.

Rajeev kumar March 12, 2012


If we are alert and do what you have done, that is report spam we can prevent ourself from falling in the tricks.

Kundan May 17, 2012

That looks messy to me!
Is this figure represent the whole world or just the americans?

Mohan May 23, 2012

how people can fall to such trick