Dropbox Website Gets New Design and Photo Viewer!

If you are using Dropbox like I do, then chances are you have quite a few photos stored on it. It is a great solution to sync my photos across different devices and computers. Taking into account that more and more people are storing photos on Dropbox, it has recently released an update that allows users to automatically store photos from a camera to Dropbox.

Yesterday, Dropbox has introduced a photo-viewer on their website. This will allows users to view photos like a slideshow much like how they view photos on Facebook or Google+.

I cannot help but wonder if Google+ is now the web standard for photo viewing. 😛 It seems Dropbox has copied this feature just like Facebook did few days ago.

Some notable changes on the Dropbox website are also that it now allows right-click to open a menu. This allows easy options to copy, move or download files or even check previous versions.

Most Dropbox users will not really notice these changes as they use it from their desktop rather than the website but these changes will make the website interface very useful.

Do try out the newly designed Dropbox website and drop in your comments and views.

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