Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India

clip_image003Global social networking brands are continuously gaining prominence in India, and this is quite evident from comScore’s recent report on India’s top social networking sites. As compared to the previous year (2007), there has been a 51 % increase in the number of visitors on such sites amounting to more than 19 million visitors by the end of 2008.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India (2008 vs. 2007)

Rank Social Networking Site Total Unique Visitors (m) (Dec07) Total Unique Visitors (m) (Dec08) % Change
1 7.123 12.869 81
2 1.619 4.044 150
3 1.736 3.269 88
4 714 2.012 182
5 ibibo.Com 1.970 990 -50
6 MySpace Sites 352 741 110
7 293 513 75
8 2.106 433 -79
9 515 385 -25
10 256 248 -3

The study reveals that Orkut, Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn and MySpace all have witnessed prominent growth in visitation.



  • Orkut tops the list of the most visited social networking site with more than 12.8 million visitors. This means an increase of 81 % from the last year.
  • Orkut’s audience was three times the size of its nearest competitor in the category.
  • ranked at the number 2 spot with 4 million visitors. This has been an increase of 150 % as compared to the previous year.
  • Next in line at number 3 is the local social networking site with 3.3 million visitors. This site showed an increase by 88 %.
  • comes in next at number 4 with 2 million visitors, which means an increase by 182 %.

Says Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president:

“Social networking continued to grow strongly in India this past year, with several of the top global brands carving out a more prominent position. While there is certainly room for several players in the social networking space in India, the sites that have the right blend of having both a strong brand and cultural relevance will be best positioned for future growth.”

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(Source: comScore World Metrix)

149 replies on “Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India”

    1. @Debajyoti Das & Rahul:
      After Orkut, I personally found fb really confusing when I first started using it. Although, I like fb now, initially i just did not. And I know quite a lot of people who feel this way, especially those joining fb after orkut.

      1. i m a student n all my frends are crazy about fb but recently our collage had blocked the site n i m suffering i just love fb soo much much more than any thing else

        1. i understand ur attention on fb, so just go other social sites.. or Connect with your email with fn then chat with ur frnds….

      2. Yes! That’s right ! I used alot Orkut but now I am useing facebook much enough then Orkut.

      3. i agree this statement….. but overall facebook is really nice and so much better than orkut…

      4. i totally agree with u bcz i hav both fb and orkut account .I am totally confused with fb bcz i feel very comfort with orkut it is very user friendly when compare to fb.I am very surprized most of them like fb.personally i find when compared to orkut fb appearence is pretty good.

      5. @swati
        u r right dear after using orkut i found fd very confusing, don’t know y???? but still fb is top in social networking sites

    2. I personally feels fb is less interactive and uncomfortable in use
      Though i luv it more now yet initially it was a horrendous task

    3. Well ….im on facebook already but still i dont like it atall……there is no security and safety in this website, there is no privacy…anyone can post anything on ur wall.its just a mass.Orkut is much batter then facebook.

      1. i think u r nt aware abt security & privacy features of fb. learn it…. u’ll find privacy and security.

    4. would u accept a indian networking site more superior than facebook
      how u will promote that site
      and what are ur expectation from a social networking site

  1. Face have difficult user interface so…orkut rocks in india.
    also, bharatstudent is paying loads of money on internet…

    1. @Saurav Halder: Although orkut is a lot simpler to use, I find fb a lot more fun and entertaining 🙂

      1. hi orkut is so easy to communicate with other friends…and we get very easy to communnicate with friends…it is easy to understand…

      2. @amit: Sorry to say but i dont think it will make it to the top and become the no.1 social networking site becoz the owner of facebook has recently updated the media that he is planning to shut down Facebook by 15th March 2012. Thumbs up if you feel facebook should not be shut down.

        1. @Arindam: Facebook is valued well beyond 40 billion dollars with Zuckerburg owning 30% of it. Chances are even if he wants to shut it down, other investors will not allow it. Also I have not come across this news anywhere except some chain mails that Facebook is shutting down. Do treat it as a untrue rumor.

      3. orkut is easy software … and all can understand quickly but fb is easy but totally differnt frm orkut and we can’t understand soon … but its to easy dears…

  2. Albeit it says that Orkut is more popular, surprisingly enough, I found myspace much more enjoyable and useful to grow your network. It provides such an immense variety of features, which I could not even imagine before joining myspace. Albeit traditionally it was not that well known in India(thanks to orkut and facebook), its user base is steadily on the rise. Hats off to myspace.

  3. i lyk many sites.but not th is a very bad and time consuming.joyless sitr i have ever seen…..

  4. Social networking sites are the next big thing in India, but the million dollar question is when will the companies actually start earning profits?? The margins will be very low until the traffic to these sites increase.

  5. orkut is really a very good site for make new friends.
    i can’t find any other social site like orkut……
    it’s really mindblowing

  6. well orkut was good but wit the entry of facebook …facebook simply rocks!!facebook is such a good timepass wit all the games as well.

  7. the main reason for facebook not leading may be that it is a slow networking site(spplications).orkut is compact that’s why it rocks!!

  8. the data provided above is an outdated one (2007 and 2008). Its facebook that rules and I swear facebook will take over orkut in no time.

  9. hmmmm…!!!! orkut is very comfortable to use compared to facebook…coz its very conjusted…bt still its interting…but i would prefer orkut than facebbpk…i find it interesting…

    1. hey would u join another social networking website with almost all features of ur favourite website with some mindblowing added features and some charitable cause?
      the main question is how often will u visit that site?

      1. it’s depend on ur use….. if u use facebook continusly, then u just say orkut is borring…. try it.

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  11. Orkut is best, its easy to understand n good interface to understand then facebook. . . i love orkut. . Muah… muah

  12. I think orkut is best networking site, it easy to understand…..& make a good fren circle through it.

  13. I feel that ORKUT is very special & unique social networking site to know & understand peoples. I really love it.

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  15. orkut is good networking sites, main reason is that it is easy to understand & glorious look.these make prominent sites

  16. i really feel that orkut , gmail and facebook is the best site for me and my frnds in the world

  17. Doesn’t this list require an update? The list seems outdated long ago. I am sure Orkut is falling as many people dumped it and moved to FB. I damn did. I believe active users have gone down on orkut by 50+ %. What does DW think?

  18. i like. orkut…………… bt nw bored wid it………….. must try d othr one………….. zorpia, indiaonapage,. etc………….. if any other site anyone knw must send it to my given id…………..

  19. orkut iS outstanding. I realy like orkut if you want fun. join orkut today facebook is ahhhhhhh good but orkut rocksssssss.

  20. both of the sites are best for ever newly created social sites cannot ever beat these two bcas they gathered more people and in future they must discover much more options to enjoy both the group are so competitive letzzzzz see who ll become top in short period

  21. Guys…… Dont Forget about Twitter, which is used by lots of people in India, though its micro blogging website, but a medium to be social. Orkut is slow and good for starters, Face-book is for advance users.

    There are other Social Networking websites also, which are there but with the presence of these websites they are not very rich in popularity and has less followers.

  22. Active orkut users have gone down…But orkut is so damn easy n cool,i used it for many years.But as fb emerge as No.1 site so people dumped orkut and moved on fb.I too.Bcoz i found most users inactive for months.
    According to me orkut is good.Fb is so conjusted,confusing and its hell when u want to search someone…Orkut’s search is just fab.

  23. orkut is a better site then facebook…bcoz,on a facebook anyone can interfare in our msgs,chat,updates etc…but on an orkut we can do our persnol chat….

  24. Hello ! In this vast internet world, its very confusing to choose which social networking site stands good, we cant even judge. Thanks for this great information.

  25. FB and orkut both are fine, both have its own usage

    FB is okay in terms of interacting ur friends and sharing with them, its interface is so easy

    and orkut is good for interacting with stranger and discussion on different topic like its communities

    plus FB provides more privacy then orkut

  26. facebook have 500 million users,its ok
    but facebook have not more facilities!
    but orkut have lot of facilities!
    scraping(with picture) is very good entertainment feature in social network!
    orkut have scraping facilities!
    facebook have not this facilities!
    orkut have private scraping,malty scraping(mass scraping)
    video chatting, audio chatting facilities
    facebook have messaging and wall
    also orkut have messaging and headline(wall) facility!
    orkut is very easily using network site!
    but, facebook is difficult!
    orkut have testimonial facility and more more features!

    but all peoples are like facebook coz:this is western culture following site(usa and co:countries)
    but most orkut using countries are india and brazil(this is not a good wealthy countries, but, growing very fastly!,this is main problem, western countries have lot of jealousy for india and brazil,every western peoples say for this word:facebook is very strong and good, orkut??? what orkut? …,problem is jealousy! )
    economically india and brazil growing very rapidly!
    this is the problem of jealousy
    actually orkut is very good social network and good fetures!

  27. i dont like facebook….orkut is best site . thats why its no. 1 in india…while facebook is not safe coz anyone can read ur wall and get avery update from ur profile….\\\\

  28. Thanks a lot your listing. I likes facebook. Most of them changed to Facebook from Orkut. Definetly Facebook will beat Orkut in India.

  29. hmmm from my point of view i think the best site after orkut i got is ibibo coz u will find and get all the xcitement u are searching for in

  30. this is outdated.
    now fb is worlds no 1
    and Indias no 1

    orkut lost 81.63% of its users and is now no 15.

  31. I was an Orkut-fanatic til’ my cousin showed me up to Facebook. In the beginning it was hell confusing but once you get the hang of it…it is far more enjoyable than Orkut.
    And I disagree about FB not having proper privacy policies. You can customize you settings such that your family members in FB doesn’t see everything you do. That’s so Cool! 😀

  32. Hi, I prefer the Orkut is the best then other social sites, I am using both Orkut & FB but FB is very confusing & not attractive But the new Orkut is looking Cool & very easy to operate.

  33. Hi, I think orkut is the best of the all of social sites. It is easy to communicate with friends and also provide find friend as desirable.


  35. ORkut is the best social networking sites. I love orkut. Because from this site i found many friends which is good relation to me

  36. Do you know there are some limitation in Facebook as well as orkut but now the new concept is coming by google plus which everyone is just looking ahead and no one can beat google plus

  37. Orkut was ruling in india till 2010,but in present fb is the fastest growing community in india & all over the world……and most of the peoples r leaving orkut now(as me :P)

  38. Another new upcoming Social Networking site for Indians with premium Bollywood and Cricket content services –

  39. Guys, these things keep on changing with the pace of time. You pupil can’t say that Facebook/Orkut is the best social networking site. After few days you may find a site which has become even more popular than today’s “Facebook”.

  40. rocketalk is better site. There free video. Voice and massage chat and also ad privat public galary on picture and video and also create community or join fevrate comunity . Send any person invetation …

  41. I think that facebook is one of the best social networking site in the world. In the previous years orkut was famous but now its facebook time.It is a gud social network with gud features. i should recommend every one to be a part of this fascinating social world.

  42. India is 2nd in ranking for using facebook … and facebook is much better than any other social networking site…

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