Top 4 Firefox Addons To Magnify [Zoom] Webpages

Probably a year ago, I had been using Internet Explorer as my default browser, indeed I was not aware of Mozilla’s strength. As it accommodates hundreds of marvelous Addons that one can expect. You just think of an Addon and Mozilla is waiting there to make your task simpler.

Here are I am trying to approach few Addons that will help magnify your browser screen in various pattern in which you can choose that fits you.

Mouse Zoom

Zoom in or out your browser screen with easy mouse scroll. To do so just hold right-click of your mouse button and scroll to zoom in or out .

Image Zoom

Adds zoom to your browser including rotation functionality and you can also add custom dimension for images. To do so you can right-click mouse button on any image and you will find the Zoom Image and Rotate Image options. As you can see in the below example how image can be rotated.

Zoom Page

With this Addon you can zoom entire page or text only using two buttons in status bar. Reset zoom level by clicking percentage display. Change zoom mode to ‘Full page’ or ‘Text Only’.

zoom page

Default FullZoom Level

Icon appears in the status bar click to select zoom option to magnify the web page.

default fullzoom level

Hope this add-on really help you while viewing websites. Do drop in your comments.

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