Top 5 Twitter Feed Managing Applications [COMPARISON]

Automatic Twitter Update is very popular these days and is one of the key marketing tactics in Twitter. Connecting your RSS feed of the blog to the Twitter allows you to reach out to the network 24/7 hours.

So what are the most popular ways of adding feeds to your Twitter. Below are the top five twitter feed management available that will allow you to automatically update your Twitter status and also some also allows you to track the link clicks.

Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed is the oldest of all the feed management available. It easily allows you to connect your feed to the social networking channels like Twitter and also Facebook and others.



HootSuite is another twitter application that is very popular among the twitter user. They allow you to update your status to many social networking platform and manage the status stream. Hoot Suite also allows you to schedule the status and also manage your Feed.

It has a simple interface that simply allows you to add the feed URL, connect it to social media channels and set the automatic updates.



After launching their own URL shortening service, Google have integrated the service with their Feedburner allowing user to directly connect their feed to the twitter and other social media sites.



RSS2Twitter is a simple tool  that only allows you to connect to the twitter. It like all the other tools provides dashboard to see and track your clicks on the URL.



Buzzom is the most popular tool available in the social media with their account management tool. Unlike other tools, it has three wings a premium service, a URL tracking service and the free account management service. Put all together they are one complete package.

There feed management allows to connect your feed to many channels like Twitter and Facebook. Setting up feed is as easy as it is in all the other tools.

buzzom feed


Item TwitterFeed HootSuite Feedburner RSS2Twitter Buzzom
Multiple Feed Yes Yes Each feedburner needs to be configured Yes Yes
Facebook Connect Yes Yes No No Yes
Analytics No Yes No Yes Yes
Repeat Option No No No No Yes
Filter Yes No Yes Yes No
Signature Yes No No No Yes