Top 6 Countries with the Highest Mobile Web Reach

clip_image002[8]People are already in a habit of connecting with friends and acquaintances through cell calls and text messages. Because of this, cell phones are a natural fit for social networks. A recent research study from Neilson Online tells us that social networks have the greatest mobile web reach in the UK and the US. In the UK, close to 2 million mobile web users visit a social network through their cell phone, while in the US, some 10.6 million people. Reports from end of 2008 indicate that these numbers have increased a great deal as compared to last year with 249% spike in the UK and 156% spike in the US.

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network via PCs, laptops, and even cell phones. Facebook is visited by every third person out of ten people online across the world.

Here is the list of top 6 countries with the highest mobile web reach:

1. UK (22.7 %)

2. US (19.2 %)

3. France (12.3 %)

4. Italy (10.6 %)

5. Spain (10.6 %)

6. Germany (6.6 %)


After the launch of the 3G iPhone, Facebook took over MySpace in mobile usage in the US. Almost 3 million cell phone users in the US were texting Facebook on a regular basis.

(Source: nielsen-online)


Jagmeet Singh July 29, 2009

hey! nd wat about India’s position !!

Nickson July 29, 2009

@Jagmeet singh:

India will be there in the list but after few years. Some reasons as below:

1. 3G network not exactly available. Even if it will be, it will take few more years to fix the bugs and impliment it in the phones and to get it at affordable cost.
2. Most of the webmasters and other guyz do facebooking or other things regularly, but major indian guyz just go online for chatting.

Many more.

Swati July 29, 2009

I agree, Nickson. Thanks a lot for some jotting these points here.