Track Google Buzz updates with Chrome extensions or with RSS feeds

Buzz is a decent service, nothing fantastic but it is not bad either. I personally think it will be might just be that balance between Facebook and Twitter but really things will unfold more only in time. At the moment if you do not like Gmail Buzz you can certainly turn it off or even stop the updates from coming into your Inbox.


Chrome Extension for Buzz

  • Download Chrome extension for Google Buzz from here.
  • It is a pretty good extension and only works when you have Gmail closed. It shows a small timeline of all things shared on Buzz.
  • Clicking on something that is shared will take your to either the profile of the person you are following.
  • Clicking on the Buzz icon takes you directly to the relevant Gmail account.

Use RSS feeds for Buzz

  • This is quite simple as some of you might not have noticed that when you click on someone’s Name while looking up Buzz, the link takes you to a Google Profile.
  • Once you visit the Google Profile page showing all things shared on Buzz, just create an RSS feed of that page. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer 8.0, the Orange colored RSS feed button will appear automatically at the address bar.
  • Clicking on the button will create a RSS feed for someones activities on Buzz and enable you to monitor it with a reader of your choice. šŸ˜‰

Hope you find these two tips useful for keeping track of Buzz updates. Drop in your comment with any new tips.

Link: Chrome Extension | ReadWriteWeb