Watch Indian TV Serials on YouTube!

Are you addicted to a popular tv series in India but cannot manage to watch them during their daily time slots? YouTube is where people should flock to. They have just made it easy to browser through 19,000+ episodes of various Indian TV shows.

Just visit and people viewing form India will be served yup with local content.

It seems media houses in India are increasingly getting comfortable with the idea of embracing the internet and the advantages it offers. About two years ago YouTube did open its doors to full-length Indian movies but at first glace, it does seem the TV show are a more comprehensive list.

This list is created by YouTube from the official YouTube channels which television production houses have. Majority of these serial were anyways uploaded by

Why getting on YouTube makes sense for Indian TV Channels?

I know many people who miss some episodes on the television and end up catching up from sites which might be uploading these episodes illegally. A lot of the these uploads are done on YouTube itself. Considering Indian television mostly has daily soaps or sitcoms, it makes sense to keep the audience upto date and do it officially through YouTube.

In case you want to watch television shows in English language, you can select them from this link.

What are your views on watching television shows on YouTube? Will it cut out piracy or illegal streaming? Do drop in your comments.

Link: YouTube Shows


rob March 17, 2012

kill me… not again “saas bahu serials” :/

Aditya Kane March 17, 2012

I know but sadly those are the only popular serials in India. 🙁