Twitter Enables Email Notification of Mentions and Retweets!

Twitter has started rolling out a new notification feature. The notification feature allows notifying users through an email about retweets and when ever someone mentions their username in a tweet.

Twitter had earlier announced it was rolling now the new notification feature in a tweet.


How Email Notification will work!

  • For power users, such notifications will be a good idea. The retweet or @mention notification is sent only if it is from a person you are following.
  • That way, useless spam can be avoided especially when bots can often end up retweeting or mentioning your username.
  • The option should show up under Twitter Settings >> Notifications. I did not have the new notification feature on my account, but Deepak Jain (Editor – DW) @DJain1989 has the feature on his twitter account. Here is a screen-shot of how the email looks for @mention notifications.


Email notification are very good for people who cannot spend time on Twitter looking up and replying to all mentions and retweets. Currently, Twitter is used to share information and links a lot more than anything else. This new feature might increase interaction between users when it comes to discussions.

Do drop in your comments and views.

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Deepak Jain June 1, 2011

Thanks for the mention, Aditya! 🙂

I hope by now the feature might have been activated on your a/c too!

Aditya Kane June 1, 2011

@Deepak: Unfortunately my account is still not lucky enough 🙁