Twitter Enables Email Notification of Mentions and Retweets!

Twitter has started rolling out a new notification feature. The notification feature allows notifying users through an email about retweets and when ever someone mentions their username in a tweet. Twitter had earlier announced it was rolling now the new notification feature in a tweet. How Email Notification will work! For power users, such notifications will be […]

Get notifed by email if your website is down

If you own a website you might have shared you own issues with having your website down. For a blogger this can also mean precious loss of traffic and subsequently a loss of revenue. is one such website that monitors your website and sends you an email if it goes down. Features conducts […]

Orkut Gave Facelift To Email Notifications Again!

Orkut improved their email notifications in past many times but recent improvements are the best one! It has clean white background and all helpful links organized in sections. Just have a look at following screenshots…    By the way those who miss email notifications for community-related updates, can use our free service OrkutFeeds. Thanks Deepak […]

Orkut Scrap Notification Emails Just Got Better!

Story 1: Around 3 months back, Orkut improved its email notifications for activities like someone send you a friend request, post a scrap in your scrapbook, etc. Story 2: At OrkutFeeds, our service which provide updates for Orkut scrapbooks in RSS feeds format, user demanded we should offer an email alert service where they can […]

New Look For Orkut Email Notifications is Here

As posted by InsideOrkut and re-posted by official Orkut blog, new look for email notifications are here. Well it looks pretty without any doubt, but it would have been better if Orkut team have spent energy making Orkut itself better. On the other hand, if they really wanted to improve email notifications, they could do […]