Twitter launches a tool to discover anyone’s first ever tweet

First Tweet is a new tool by Twitter that allows the users to dig their way through anyone’s Twitter account and find the first ever tweet sent.

In the event of Twitter’s eight birthday, March 21, the micro-blogging website has launched a simple tool to check your first ever tweet.

Aptly named First Tweet, the service allows you to discover the first tweet that you sent when you joined the micro-blogging website.

In addition to checking your first tweet, you can also check the first tweet sent by any Twitter handle. Just enter the username and the tool will show you the first tweet. (No need to authenticate the tool)


There is also an option to tweet this discovery or share it on other social networks.

Try it out, it’s fun! Do not forget to share with us your first tweet and other amusing first tweets that you come across.

Link: First Tweet

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