Create RSS Feeds from Twitter Accounts is a online web app that allows users to create RSS feeds of any Twitter account within seconds. RSS feeds of a Twitter account are ideally suited to keep track of breaking stories.

Since Google Readers day were numbered, I thought for a while of moving away from RSS feeds and replacing it with Twitter. I found some Google Reader alternatives and I abandoned the idea of replacing RSS feeds. Now I wanted something that coverts Twitter accounts into RSS feeds.

Twitter used to support RSS feeds officially sometime ago. But it has since abandoned RSS and expects people to follow accounts on apps and the browser.


Twitter-RSS Features

  • is a website that allows users to create RSS feeds of any Twitter account.
  • Just enter the username of the account you want and click on “Get RSS”.
  • The RSS feeds is generated and its URL can be used on most Feed readers.

I found Twitter-RSS is useful for following a Twitter account for news with continuous updates. Also it is useful mainly for people who are extremely active on Twitter.

Try out Twitter-RSS and do drop in your comments.

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Gaurav Sharma -PPC expert April 16, 2013

you can try yahoo pipes as well to create a RSS feed for your twitter account, and use it that twitter Rss feed with tweet adder application to get more exposure than before..