Twitter First TV Commercial is Not Impressive!

Many tech companies start off by ignoring the television media for advertising. This is done, because of the simple idea that people would rather see and try out online services. Twitter has started rolling out its first TV commercial and it is not impressive.

Also trying to be funny about an earthquake in the same year, Japan has got devastated by one might upset certain sensibilities.

Twitter’s mainstream ambitions

An TV commercial does signal Twitter’s ambition as being the first source for news and current events. It is obviously looking to replace the traditional source of coming across news and information.

Will Twitter be successful and change the way people discover news? Do drop in your comments.


Anand Kumar September 3, 2011

Twitter can’t be main stream for news. It only come in action during trends.

Aditya Kane September 3, 2011

@Anand Kumar: Agreed it has not become the main source for discovering news – but it is trying to get into that sphere – and even for latest events I am tempted to look at a twitter stream rather than Google.