Twitter launches Vine App for Android: Create and share 6 second videos

With Vine you can shoot short videos of your own. Available earlier on iOS, Vine has 13 million+ users. The app will allow short 6 second videos to be shared.

After nearly six months, the much widely used and loved short videos making app Vine is now available on Android. With Vine for Android, you can make short videos lasting just for 6 seconds. These short, looping videos are really interesting. Launched in January 2013, Vine now has over 13 million users. That’s just on the iOS platform, huge figure right? Now that it is available on Android too, this figure is sure to multiply to a big one very soon.


This app is simple to use. With a continuous tap on the screen with your finger, you can record the 6 seconds clip with ease, and then share on Twitter. Sharing to Facebook will be brought soon.

This newly released Android looks a lot like its iOS counterpart. The Vine for Android app displays four tabs by default. The Feed section displays the list of short videos made by those whom you follow. The Activity shows notifications. The Explore tab brings you to some of those popular videos on the Vine database. The Profile section lets you to review your previously made short videos.

There is something that you would like to keep in mind though. The Android and iOS versions of Vine won’t be the same. Twitter claims that both the versions are different from each other and will continue to be so. As of now, Vine for Android has one exclusive feature which is zoom.

The features like shooting with front facing camera, search, mentions and hastags are available only in the iOS version of Vine for now. They’ll be brought to Android soon, says Twitter.

Link: Vine on Google Play

What Vine Means to Us

For many Vine might sound pretty much like Instagram expect that the former deals with videos. If you remember well, Instagram was first bought by Facebook in April ’12. Later, Twitter brought its own image filters and a took a straight punch at Instagram. Instagram Twitter cards are no longer shown on Twitter official site or TweetDeck.

To make things much more interesting, Twitter decided to bring this new service called Vine. This service aims to take down Instagram by letting people deal with short videos, bringing their life to motion.

Will Vine be Really Successful in the Android Ecosystem?

While Vine is a hit in the iOS ecosystem, it is a new comer to Android. Will this be successful on the Android world? I personally think that Vine for Android will be really successful in this Android world.

At least the Indian Android users will love this service. Android being the giant in India, most of the Indians will be ready to shoot interesting short videos of their beautiful country. So, as said earlier in the post, the number of Vine users is sure to take a big step from the 13 million users count.

What’s your thought on Vine? Are you one of those who waited too long to get this amazing tool on your Android device? Do share your thoughts with us. Also let your Android friends know about this new Android app.